Thank You Harry Reid

War is not the answer.  Saying we cannot win the military fight in Iraq represents much needed deep honesty and great clarity.  I applaud the Viet Nam – Iraq connection.  We are interconnected, the suffering in Iraq causes suffering here in America.  Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid lifted up this sentiment and it is making headlines even in the Financial Press.  May the violence lessen, may the families of military and service workers be restored, may we teach peace.


One response to “Thank You Harry Reid

  1. Peace at the price of surrender that would put our allies to the sword isn’t much of a peace.

    The Iraqi Communist Party celebrated it’s 75th anniversary a few days ago with a rally of over 10,000 in Bhagdad. We owe it to these brave people to stand with them.

    We owe it to brave guys like Najim Abd-Jasem, the General Secretary of the Mechanic Workers’ Union, who was tortured and brutally murdered recently.

    Their struggle is our struggle; their foe is our foe. We should not abandon them for Peace.

    PM Maliki stated the moral challange,

    “We put everyone before their moral responsibility to take a clear and strong stand in the face of terrorism in Iraq and we expect cooperation to dry up resources for terrorism,” stressed Maliki. He added, “The terrorism that is claiming the lives of Iraqi citizens in Baghdad, Hilla, Mosul and Anbar is the same terrorism that intimidated citizens in Saudi Arabia, targeted the people of Egypt, and blew up the twin towers in New York and subways in Madrid and London.”

    We should never surrender.

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