Changes in UUA Youth Office

From Jesse Jaeger, talking about new titles, names of offices, and new people in the office.  Good stuff.  Posted with permission.


I would like to introduce you all to
some changes in the Youth Office.

  First of all, please join us in welcoming Darrick
Jackson.  Darrick is filling the newly created position of Assistant Youth
Ministries Director.  Darrick just graduated from Andover Newton School of
Theology and will be ordained into the Unitarian Universalist ministry this
fall.  He will be taking on more of the day to day management of the Youth
Office including supervising the Youth Ministry Associates.  Darrick will also
be supervising the Office of Youth Ministry while I am on sabbatical this

New Office
:  The Youth Office will soon be the Office of Youth

New Job
    You might have noticed that Darrick has the job
title “Assistant Youth Ministries Director.” My present title is changing to
Youth Ministries Director.  As an Association we have an increased awareness of
our work with youth as a ministry.  These title and name changes (including the
change from Youth Programs Specialist to Youth Ministry Associates) all
underscore this shift in understanding. [Jessica York, the new Youth Programs
Director, oversees youth curriculum development in the Curriculum Office of
Lifespan Faith Development, not the Youth Office. Hope that clears up any

Summary of who
will in the office next year:

Jesse Jaeger: Director of Youth
Ministry (on Sabbatical from September 14th returning January

  • Overall management of
    the office.
  • Focus on implementation
    of recommendation from consultation on youth ministry.

Darrick Jackson: Assistant Director
of Youth Ministry

  • Overall management of
    office while Jesse is on sabbatical.
  • Supervision of Youth
    Ministry Associations

Rek Kwawer: Youth Office

  • All the same amazing
    things she does right now.


McKnight: Youth Ministry Associate
(Starts July 16th)

  • Support for the
    Chrysalis Training Program
  • Support for General
    Assembly Youth Caucus

Sara Eskrich: Youth Ministry
Associate (Starts July 16th)

  • Support for the YRUU
  • Support implantation of
    recommendation from the consultation on youth ministry.

This will be the group that will
carry us through next year as we work to transform how we do youth ministry in
our movement.

Beth Dana and Laura Manning will
be leaving the Youth Office in August.  Keep an eye out for how we will be
honoring the amazing work they have done here.  We will be holding parties later
in the summer

Please let me know if you have any



Jesse C.

Youth Ministry

Unitarian Universalist

25 Beacon



, Ma




2 responses to “Changes in UUA Youth Office

  1. Beat me to it, Joseph! This is good news, eh? BTW, I’ve moved my blog to a new URL:

  2. From the letter:
    These title and name changes (including the change from Youth Programs Specialist to Youth Ministry Associates) all underscore this shift in understanding.
    —–end quote—–

    Isn’t it a bit dishonest to imply that the same understanding went into all the name changes, including the YMA’s, when it was a disagreement between the Administration and the YRUU Steering Committee two years ago that resulted in the YMA name being created?

    Additionally, the title of the YPS was actually YRUU Programs Specialist, as laid out in the Common Ground agreements and subsequent negotiations between the UUA and YRUU, and was properly quoted in the letter here.

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