At Least 6 New Portland UU Ministers

I was suprised to learn that there were at least a half-dozen of us Unitarian Universalists receiving Preliminary Fellowship at the Service of the Living Tradition Thursday.

I knew of a few already, and very pleased to meet the other folks in the convention center as we robed.  Rev. Cecilia Kingman-Miller who I’ve known for years got us together for a photo.  Hopefully that can get passed along so I can put it online here.  We were over 10% of the new ministers recognized in 2007!  2 of us were People of Color (at least 6 including myself were recognized this year). 

Speaking of People of Color ministers, the 6 of us recognzied this year seems to be a historic high.  My research over the past 25 years shows a few years when 4 were recognized.  Bill Sinkford reported in his President’s report Thursday morning that there were 7 of us.  Hallelujiah!  I’ll be stepping down as organizing convenor of the Seminarians of Color caucus that I helped start three years ago.  We peaked at over 50 last year, seems that we’re around 40 this year. 


One response to “At Least 6 New Portland UU Ministers

  1. Who is going to be the new convener of the Sems of Color caucus, Joseph? Is that known yet?

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