“When Are You Getting Ordained” they ask…

More and more the question "When are you getting ordained", closely followed by "Where are you getting ordained" is asked of me now that I am in fellowshipped as a Unitarian Universalist minister.

On Thursday, June 21st, the summer solstice 2007, in the middle evening, I along with 50 other new UU ministers, received preliminary fellowship from the Unitarian Universalist Association…"cleared for ordination" as we sometimes say.  Now I’m in the stage of dialoguing with my home congregation of West Hills UU Fellowship in Portland Oregon about ordination. 

They have never had a minister come out of the church in their 50 year history (as far as I can tell), and have never ordained a minister.  Thus the process to receive their blessing, and congregational vote to ordain, is going to be a bit more complex and a co-learning experience I believe.  I imagine my ordination being scheduled sometime in the late Fall or Winter 2008.

At this point, I’m living in a day to day mode of continuing to catch up on America and the UUA after being with the UU Church of the Philippines for so long.  Settling back into our home in North Portland, and discerning my future path.  A sojourn this summer would be wonderful, but will probably not be in the stars.  Instead I’m looking forward to a respite in November maybe to Europe to see Aimee’s sister and some other friends of ours in the Western parts.


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