Racism Confirmed, How Many More?

Seattle Times article about the Washington State Bar investigation of racism in government affairs.  Fabulously witty and ironic caption.  Makes me think, how many more of these need to be published before a new wave of effort and resources are dedicated to anti-racism in this generation?


2 responses to “Racism Confirmed, How Many More?

  1. Joseph,

    Our minister in Shreveport mentioned in an email that she’s ” … trying to organize some UU ministerial outrage about the ‘Jena Six.'”

    Is anyone in the wider UUMA community looking at this news story?

    Here’s the technorati.com collection of blog posts on the Jena Six case:



  2. Hey Steve, yes I saw on the anti-racism listserv for UUA Jubilee Trainers that several folks have been also mobilizing around this.

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