Where are the FUUSER’s?

I took some time to study what is happening on FUUSE.com the online media community of youth and young adults (Unitarian Universalists).  There is a rich resource of writings, commentary and announcements here stretching back several years now. 

However I noted with some wonder that there seems to be little traffic of late.  There are no new articles, comments, posts in the last 48 hours, although there are several journal entries.  Perhaps more folks are going over to UUCYF.org the Church of the Younger Fellowship (which is approaching 500 members)?  Perhaps this is just a summer anomaly?  Perhaps there is some ceiling to the number of active participants in an online community?

On a related note: At the Youth Ministry Summit in Boston last week, online services and community building were identify as a priority.

3 responses to “Where are the FUUSER’s?

  1. I just assume it is the mid-summer slow down. There aren’t a lot of UU activities going on and many people are traveling. It’ll probabaly pick up again in September.

  2. I totally agree Jeff, I was thinking though that after a big event like GA there’d be some heavy discussions?

  3. i wonder if the life of a site like fuuse is inextricably linked to the amount of time its hosts are putting into it. I’ve noticed its activity winding down in the past 9 months. Coming out with small changes to a dynamic site every once in a while may have a much larger impact on the online community than one might think (like an addition of a new game or removal of an under-used function). What with CYF, etc the guys seem to have had little time for FUUSE this past year and it generates no income for them, so that’s pretty understandable, however it is sad for fuuse.

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