Ward Churchill Fired

I’ve heard, met, and participated in various activities with Ward over the years.  I’ve been with him at various UU churches as well (Eugene, Denver).  I’m not sure how well known he is among UU’s overall, but he is well known among young adults from what I can tell.  I heard from some UU young adults who attended the US Social Forum in Atlanta that he was there, and they were impressed (research has included addressing issues of genocide, native americans, cultural identity).

Colorado is a hotbed from my experience of American Indian activism, when I worked at Metro State College over a decade ago, Oneida Meranto and Glenn Morris were both local professors who were part of a small group of prominent native identified and conscious teachers and activists.  It was an amazing place to be connected.

It is official, Ward has been fired from UC Boulder.  But it isn’t over.

Dozens of Churchill backers, some wearing T-shirts reading "I Am Ward
Churchill," booed and cursed when the vote was announced. At a news
conference afterward, Churchill criticized the findings against him as
fraudulent and said he was staying in Boulder and fighting to regain
his position.

2 responses to “Ward Churchill Fired

  1. Problem with this is…

    Churchill is a complete fake.

    Since you seem to be taken in by the fraud, I’ll have to assume that you are also a complete fraud.

  2. Let me ask a fair question.

    It was said he was fired because of plagiarism, not because of his comments. If that’s indeed true, do you think it’s a fair firing?

    Liking the guy or not is irrelevant for me. My significant other is Jewish, so his comments about 9/11 rang very, very hollow with me. Add into the fact that I knew friends in both towers, and, by some twist of fate I had turned down a job in one of them months before. Surely I am not innocent, but by the same token, surely I would not be deserving of death because of my mere presence in one of the towers.

    I don’t like the man, but I don’t stop his speech. My sticking point comes with the fact that he was a plagiarist, and it ends there. Can we agree that if he did indeed plagiarize someone elses work as his own that he deserved to lose his job?

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