Love Oregon?

I just ordered mine!

(Hat tip: Audubon Society of Portland)

For those of you are wanting
Yes on Measure 49 lawn signs, they are coming soon.
We should have them
available here at Audubon Society of Portland (5151 N.W. Cornell Portland, OR
97210) after September 20th.

For those who can’t wait or who are
interested in a more subtle approach, West Linn resident Dave Adams has shown
tremedous iniative by independently organizing a creative guerilla lawn sign
campaign to support the passage of Measure 49.

Those who participate
agree to post a series of lawn signs in sequence that gradually communicate the
Yes on Measure 49 message.
The first sign simply says "Love Oregon?" Later
signs read "Pears of Parking Lots?", "Asphalt or Apples?," or just maybe
(coming soon?) "Clearcuts or Clean Water?"  or "Salmon or

The campaign ends in early October when everyone
participating puts out signs with the same font and formate that read:  "Yes on
Measure 49."  The idea is to evoke people’s curiosity and thereby get their
attention about the importance of passing Measure 49 to protect he Oregon we

If you are interested in participating in the "Love Oregon?" lawn
sign campaign contact Dave Adams 503-200-9877 or


One response to “Love Oregon?

  1. Yeah, that was a bad idea. Until the the “Yes on 49” signs come out, the current sequence is this:
    “Love Oregon?”
    “Pears of Parking Lots?”
    “Asphalt or Apples?,”
    -And then-
    “No on 49, A wolf in sheep’s clothing”

    This was a great idea, but the No on 49 folks have taken advantage of the fact that the Yes on 49 part is missing (for now). I have spoken to several different people who had the logic of the vote wrong.

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