The Most Radical Thing You Can Do

I can’t remember if I heard this somewhere, or it just bubbled up from my experiences, but a sweet birdie reminded me that I once wanted to make bumper sticker that said:

The Most Radical Thing You Can Do Is To Introduce Someone

I was reminded of this today when I was down at City Hall in the evening to show support for the VisionPDX Process, a Portland City Visioning Initiative, and for the variety of racial and cultural groups that were doing turn-out.  I met a dozen new folks, thanks to the gracious introductions of persons I know, and made a few more introductions myself.

To take the time to introduce someone, in a meaningful way, is a humble and gracious act that adds to the unity of the world.  I believe that through more intentional mutuality, comes liberation.  When we’re in relationship with our neighbors, community members, the wider world, our humanity comes to the surface more powerfully.  We make mistakes, disappoint, anger, frustrate each other more, as there are more chances to do so when in relationship, however we also listen, understand, support and risk higher successes together rather than separate.

There seems to be a general reluctance among many people I have encountered in my life to take the step of introducing strangers.  Why?  Perhaps out of protectiveness, fear that they won’t like each other, jealousy in wishing to keep or control friendships, or just tired malaise.  It is something I try my best to overcome.

Do you?


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