Grey’s Anatomy Star Wed by UU Minister

I love Google News.  I keep getting articles all week about how Katherine Heigl, star of Grey’s Anatomy and one of those comedies last summer, was married by Rev. Tom Goldsmith of the UU Church in Salt Lake City.  Wonder if she is UU?  Or maybe her partner?

Anyway, it brought me back to sitting in the ministers study years ago talking about campus/young adult ministry in Salt Lake, a place where I originally met Chris Walton before he became C*UUYAN Facilitator.  Chris and I actually met "online" before it was in vogue.


One response to “Grey’s Anatomy Star Wed by UU Minister

  1. She’s ex-Mormon, which may explain wh Utah. (Although I read that it was in Park City,not Salt Lake, so it may also have been the usual celebrity glam.) And she did defend gay actor TR Wright against alleged slurs by cast member Isaiah Washington, which may explain which clergy in Salt Lake might be available.

    Just guessing. All idle speculation on my part.

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