Asian Pacific Islander UU Conference Feb 15-17

The Annual Conference for the Asian/Pacific Islander Caucus of DRUUMM is Feb 15-17, 2008 at the Neighborhood Church in Pasadena CA.  Registration information at

A good friend and conference organizer Vivien Hao had these encouraging words to share with Asian/Pacific Islander persons in our congregations and interested in Unitarian Universalism:

Dear API UUs and friends,
If there is one out-of-town
UU event I attend each year, it’s the A/PIC annual conference! Why?
Because each time I have gone (five years straight), I have felt
inspired, nurtured, supported, blessed and reinvigorated. These
intimate gatherings of API UUs from across the continent reinforce that
I am not alone, that I am needed, and that together we are truly more
than the sum of our parts. The friends I have made are now my UU
brothers and sisters. The things I have learned have advanced my
faith journey. The feelings of goodwill and camaraderie have carried me
through many a dark day when I wondered if racism could ever
be eradicated or if I could ever feel truly at home in a white UU
world. When money was tight, I got help with a travel scholarship, and
when time was short, I was glad that I gave up something else that was
also important to be with my UU family. When I felt angry
or misunderstood, I knew that the common bond of our faith, culture,
and history of oppression would carry us through. Most of all, the
love, acceptance and understanding that I have felt looking
into the eyes of my API UU brothers and sisters is the greatest feeling
in the world. If you want that feeling, please join us this Feb. 15-17
in Pasadena!

I attended the first few years of these conferences (this is the 5th I believe), but haven’t been able to the last two years due to the birth of Miyka’ela and my internship with the UU Church of the Philippines.  I’m looking forward to attending and participating this year.



One response to “Asian Pacific Islander UU Conference Feb 15-17

  1. Hi Joseph,

    See you in Pasadena.

    But the conference is at Throop Church, not Neighborhood Church. Pasadena has two UU congregations and Throop is the host of DRUUM and Asian Pacific conferences.

    Clyde Grubbs,
    Minister at Throop Unitarian Universalist Church

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