Choosing to Blog Again

It has been nearly 9 months since I gave up active blogging.  It was a conscious decision, minus any public fanfare.  I still read other UU blogs occasionally.  Yet the time has come that I found the energy to start blogging again.

I gave it up in part with my return to the USA from the Philippines, passing the Ministerial Fellowship Committee, and transitioning out of the UUA and into local community development work.  The backlash from several influential folks related to the article about my ministerial fellowshipping at GA also contributed.

There are some huge shifts in the UU landscape that I look forward to contributing to:

1) UUA Presidential Elections
2) Identity Politics
3) Leadership and Structure within Youth and Young Adult communities
4) Activism
5) Campaign for a Spiritual Anthology

Thanks to all who keep our voice alive in this medium.  I look forward to joining you again.


One response to “Choosing to Blog Again

  1. Welcome back! I am excited to hear from you and very curious as to your life now working in the community.

    Congratulations on your ordination and fellowship (I am late I know I took some time off too)

    ~ Dubhlainn

    PS. I used to post on the Trivium blog.

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