Philippine UU Update

I am preparing to spend a few weeks in the Philippines and will be preaching at the new congregation in Bicutan (in Metro Manila), the Quezon City Group (a more middle class group which meets at the University of the Philippines) and visiting colleagues in Dumaguete at the UU Church of the Philippine Headquarters.

I’m working on a homily on anger, and will be doing some fun question and answer with new UU’s in Bicutan.  Bob Guerrero continues to be an extraordinary lay leader here in Metro Manila.  Lenna came back from representing UUCP at the ICUU conference in Germany with new vision.  While there has been significant staff and funding changes, the UUCP has a positive and grounded feel.  I look forward to my time with them nearly a year after I completed my internship here.

Lee Boeke Burke of the Partner Church Council is leading a pilgrimage trip here in early March, right after I leave.  She will continue a growing trend of foreigner UU visiting and preaching at the UU Churches in the Philippines.  An exciting development is the stronger possibility that Filipino (and a Sri Lankan UU Minister mentor of mine) may soon be travelling the USA to share the good news as well.


One response to “Philippine UU Update

  1. Joseph, namaste.

    I knew you were going to the Philippines but I didn’t know it was so soon. i.e. – I regret not getting a chance to say farewell Saturday night. Looking forward to reading how your trip goes.


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