Do we practice Unitarian and Universalist Theology?

I was having a very interesting discussion with several Metro Manila UU’s (Filipinos in all) who have been evolving their religious thinking as leaders in the new start Quezon City UU Group.  They have worship monthly, and other activities periodically.

We talked about how exactly Unitarian Universalism practices the
theology associated with the literal names – Unitarian and
Universalism.  I noted that in my experience Universalism seems to come
out most in the expressions of faith and rituals of our churches.  I
rarely hear messages related to the oneness of G*d or anti-trinitarian
doctrines.  I barely hear distinctions made about Deism and Theism as
well…the sermons I hear are more in the social gospel realm.

I’m curious what other folks think?  One of the ways I came to
introduce our faith was to speak about the post-Christian and Humanist
influences that shaped us heavily since the 1961 merger.  I know that
there is a whole lot of popular elevator script writing going on about
UU…some of these including President Bill Sinkford’s 2003 version which generated some great reflection, do appear to connect to our theological roots. 

Lastly, when was the last expression of faith articulated and written by a group of Unitarian Universalists?

One response to “Do we practice Unitarian and Universalist Theology?

  1. Good questions Joseph, and I am glad to see that when you use the word theology you really mean Godlogy as it were which is more than can be said about other U*Us when they use the word “theology”.

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