YRUU & C*UUYAN: End Sponsorship Now?

The most acute question before the youth and young adult networks of the UUA – respectively Young Religious Unitarian Universalists (YRUU) and Continental UU Young Adult Network (C*UUYAN) appears to be whether they will advocate for their continued existence as "Sponsored Organizations" of the UUA.  This is a unique category established in 1999 by the Board to recognize the special relationship between the mission of these organizations and a permanent partnership with the UUA offices that complement the work.  This classification provided a formal relationship for funding and staffing to support C*UUYAN.  In response we developed a Staff-Volunteer Covenant and later a Code of Ethics for Young Adults.

From my recollection as one of the advocates for C*UUYAN, the term
"Sponsored" was found in a copy of Board minutes in relationship to
YRUU.  There was no formal policy that could be found.  C*UUYAN was
asked to write a letter of request, and then-C*UUYAN Facilitator Kevin
McCulloch wrote a dandy letter with input from Rev. Donna DiSciullo and
I.  This discussion about the meaning of Sponsored Organization was a
topic of discussion last Fall, I shared this text with the Steering
Committee and YACM staff (letter to UUA).  At the Oct 1999 UUA Board Meeting, a unanimous vote accepted C*UUYAN (minutes).

I don’t think YRUU ever generated such a formal request, although I
could be wrong.  Without more information (and granted as a former YACM
staff I have a whole lot), I’m not convinced ending Sponsored
Organization status is in the best interests of the UUA or our
congregations.  It seems that best protocal now is for concerned
persons to contact their UUA Board of Trustee representatives (by
District or At-Large).  I also wonder if there will be a formal request
from the UUA staff to end the relationship, which Paul Richter noted has not been received as of yet?

Reading the quotes by C*UUYAN leaders in the uuworld.org story,
Facilitator Mary Manchester, who was just elected to her 2nd two-year
term, and others seem resigned to the end of support.  Will they seek
to communicate with the Board directly about the interests of young
adults?  What do young adults today want?  One good place is to examine
the detailed Young Adult Survey 2006 conducted by the YACM Office which
had over 1,000 responses.  Or maybe this is all premature, given that
C*UUYAN was already committed to visioning and strategic planning?

Anyway, I’m going to close comments here and direct folks over to Philocrites who already has discussion going on and a lot more traffic in general than here.  Hope this background information helps.


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