UU Finally Transforms My Sports Passion

For those who know me well, it isn’t much of a secret that I’m a sports fanatic.  It all started when the computer geek in me traded some Commodore 64 games for a few baseball cards.  I was hooked.  I have some 50,000 cards stored away and inventoried.  Some of my first organizing was pulling together Baseball Card Shows at the Teen Center, with dealers from Washington and Oregon.  It was awesome.  I even had paperwork at 16 to register Lyons Sporting Cards LLC.

My baseball passion translated into reading the sports page, in part
for economic benefit, and in part because I was taken with the story in
the statistics.  Needless to say, I’ve loved Sports for a very long

No big event really made me come to my senses, but really my ongoing
relationship with Unitarian Universalism.  I just found in my search
for truth and meaning, in my vision of justice, and and in seeking to
live the life I dream about, I couldn’t find a good place for
professional sports as they are right now.  Maybe I could be a Packers
fan (but remember, I love the Dolphins), or some other team with
equitable and shared financial benefit.  But pro sports are on my
downside at this time.

I did try my hand at soccer assistant coaching, and do want to
encourage my kids to play and celebrate team and individual sports.  I
loved playing, and honestly don’t as much anymore.  So I’m not
advocating an end to sports, but I’m just going to watch and follow
sports less, and not be as preachy about justifying fanatical pro
sports passion.  I do still think that sports are an excellent
organizing tool – both in training our minds to keep track of details,
and as an ice-breaker.  And I’ll never get all those 80’s and 90’s
stats out of my head.


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