UUPhilippines to Wikipedia: Put Us Back In

A UU Philippine leader who is also a Wikipedia contributor added uuphilippines.org to the references for Unitarian Universalism after seeing references to other UU sites internationally listed.

A week later, it was gone.  Mysterious. 

I went to the site today, and note that the UUA and CUC are listed, along with the ICUU, however listing for several other country UU sites such as UK and Mexico are also now gone.  Are they being taken down because ICUU (International Council of UU’s) is there?  If so, why keep UUA and CUC?  Because they are larger?  Perhaps the UU Church of the Philippines is better listed on the Universalist site as that is more in tune with the origins?


3 responses to “UUPhilippines to Wikipedia: Put Us Back In

  1. The history of the page shows that your friend added the Philippines organization on January 29, and that it was removed the following day, along with a Mexican congregation. Here is the justification given by the editor: “if these congregations are notable, they’ll have their own article and it would be more appropriate to link to them from there, rather than here.” I read Wikipedia sometimes but am not an editor, so I don’t know how commonplace or valid this editing is.

  2. Why don’t you take it up on the discussion page?

  3. Thanks Jeff and Scott. I didn’t see the discussion board post. I don’t use Wiki much either, but I’m letting my UUCP friends know here. Thanks for your sleuthing.

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