UU’s Rev’s I’d Love In A Room Together

Over the last 10 years I’ve had the privilege of networking among UU youth and young adults around the world.  I haven’t met everyone I’d like to see in a room together, but I’ve met, worked with, and encouraged many of them in their ministry – and been encouraged back.  There is something special about this generation, our access to communication, information, and our taking leadership in the soon-to-be Baby Boom vacuum.

From Transylvannia, there is a small group of former youth activists, among them David Gyero and Lazi Scabo, both ministers now.  David may be the future Bishop.

From England there is Aaron Brown, who is one of the few young ministers, and a wonderful bass player.

In the Khasi Hills, Darihun Khriam and Derek Pariat are two who are leading their Unitarian Union into the new milenia.  Darihun is the first woman minister.

UU Philippines has two excellent women young ministers, Susan Quisel and Elvie Sienes, along with Elvie’s husband Persie Sienes and his minister brother Pere.

In Canada the only young adult minister I know well is Laura Friedman, who was a sexy sister performing artist when I was a youth, and is someone who has felt the call to minister with young folks and on the margins.  Nice hat at the SLT last year!

In the USA is where I know so many…Marlin Lavanhar has travelled many of these places and already knows a number of folks.  Plus, a congregation I visited in remote Negros Islands, Philippines, remarked at how he tried the local perro delicacy!  Marlin gave me one of my first books on the Khasi Hills as well.  Spokes to Spokane was just his last leg of biking around the world.  Alison Miller has been to Transylvannia and led the UUA at virtually every level of young adult and campus ministry.  Kristin Harper is the first in a lot of areas, and helped motivate a whole generation of young UU’s of color (including me).


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