50/50 on Stuff White People Like

ChaliceChick seems to be the first UU Blogger to note the comedic and hard hitting site Stuff White People Like.  I learned about it first from RaceWire, then back tracked (Alex Jung Feb 29).  Jung does a nice 1-2 punch, affirming its inspiring its effort to develop "a critique to the colorblind Lexus liberal rather than the raving skinhead", yet criticizing that it’s "cleverness is getting stale because it hasn’t exhibited ways to think differently."  Seems to be getting a lot of attention, and it was fun to take an initial look.

CC noted that she found herself 50/50 on the different items posted (I’m Sure I’m Taking This Too Seriously Feb 26).
In terms of taking it seriously, it made me think about the philosophy
of community organizer Saul Alinsky.  He was a strong advocate of using
parody and humor to illuminate the injustices of the world.  To create
a situation where those on top look immature and/or ridiculous if they
try to be defensive or counter-attack, and it strikes that special
funny bone virtually everyone else.

These humor tools in social justice are needed more and more.  We seem
to have gotten quite serious, at least during my youth and young adult
years.  While I haven’t found a lot of hilarious sites that address
economic justice, there are a number that address race that I’ve
loved.  Check out my local Portland blogger and artist Damali Ayo as a nice example.  She recently did a fantastic panhandling for reparations
in downtown Portland OR that got some great media coverage.  These
things really break through our consciousness, especially in this era
of total saturation and a lot of apathy.


5 responses to “50/50 on Stuff White People Like

  1. Well, it really should be called “Stuff Upper Middle Class White People Like.” The unquestioned class bias pervades the whole thing. Take the most recent post, “White People Like Graduate School” — umm, well, maybe in the rich white suburbs they do — but here in my community we’re pretty glad if our kids graduate from high school. I wouldn’t mind the fact that they confuse race and class, except that from my leftist political perspective, I see that too many people try to conflate race and class, which tends to prevent a serious critique of the gross injustices of both race and class in the United States. Or to be more harsh, to me they look like typical liberals who are afraid of serious critique — afraid they might actually change the status quo.

    Having said that, if it were called “Stuff Upper Middle Class Suburban White People Like,” I’d be laughing my butt off. The piece on soccer gets the upper middle class white person’s obsession with soccer just about perfectly.

  2. Will Shetterly wrote about the site a few weeks ago here, Feb 23.

  3. I heard this on NPR… it was disturbing in a kind of oddly familiar way. Being a white girl sadly I relate.

  4. Ha! I love that you are bringing Saul Alinksky into the mix – I think that this is one of the more effective and nuanced skewerings of consumerist culture, white or yuppie or what have you.

    We need more humor versus vitriol. At the end of the day, I’d rather have a laugh on the side than reinforcing existing anger.

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