UU Ministers of Color Gather in California

Dozens of UU Ministers of Color and several other religious professionals (Seminarians and DRE’s I believe) are gathering in Northern California for a weekend of caucusing, community-building and dialogue.  This is the 2nd year of this evolving initiative, coordinated and organized out of the UUA Identity Based Ministries Staff Group.  There have been other efforts before this, but this particular event seems to be taking root as an annual program, fully funded by the UUA, with a commitment to maintain it long-term.  Very exciting!

New UUA Director of Ministry Beth Miller (uuworld.org introduction) is expected to join us for part of the retreat.  On the agenda is talking about a possible support system for seminarians of color.  As one of the organizers of seminarians of color over the last 4 years, this is a wonderful development (being led I believe by the UUA Diversity of Ministry Team, or DOMT).  The UU World Magazine gave some insight into the charge of this UUA committee (Sinkford Outlines Plan for More Diverse Ministry Feb 6, 2007).

We’re back in the general area of where DRUUMM was founded in 1997-1998 by a similar configuration of religious professionals of color.  They were called together by the African American UU Ministries, Latino UU Networking Association, and UUA Staff of Color.  While I was not there, it is worth noting that UUA Presidential Candidate Rev Peter Morales wrote at least one of the general invitation letters that I reviewed while researching my Harvard Thesis on A 25 Year History of Unitarian Universalist People of Color 1980-2005.


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