Knowing Thy Neighbors

I’ve been getting to know my neighborhood better over the last month.

We live in North Portland, right on the edge of Northeast.  This is the same neighborhood where my father grew up.  In fact the Piedmont Neighborhood Association meets at the Catholic Parish and School where my dad and grandfather were active – Holy Redeemer.

I walked about 10 blocks around my house last month with the kids to get to know folks, and to extend an invitation to a Mayorial Candidate house forum we had at our home.  A lot of beautiful craftsman style houses, tall, squat homes.  A lot of fences and barking dogs.  The part of the neighborhood where I live is one of the more isolated nooks, as we are bounded by the Interstate 5 freeway on the West, the train tracks to the North, and the Vancouver Ave Bridge to the East.  We’ve got to go up to N Lombard to go anywhere. 

We live close to the Farraguat Park, a beautiful and quiet spot next to the former Applegate Elementary which was closed a few years ago during the massive Portland schools closures and K-8 schools development.  The gangsters who used to dominate the place are no longer.  And while it is not busy like our main neighborhood park – Penninsula – with their rose gardens, community center, pool and great BBQ spots, it is a perfect place to practice sports, bicycle with the kids, and has a nice playground.

FYI – There is a neighborhood clean-up this weekend, free drop-off for all your great junk at the church on 7412 N Mississippi for all you Portland area folks with junk to get rid of.


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