Moonrise Film Festival Kicks Off

Aimee and I went to the Holladay Park Plaza by Lloyd Center this evening for a special banquet and screening of Batad, a Filipino Cinemalayan film.  One of Aimee’s old friends Erwin had a cool cameo in the beginning…a story of belonging to an indigenous tribe told from the point of view of a youth.  A little slow at times, there was good comedy as he seeks his first pair of shoes.

It was shot in beautiful banue in the famous Batad Rice Terraces.  Speaking of which, there was a front page Oregonian article today about the incredible price of rice – nearly $1000 for 100lb of the international standard Thai White B rice.  This is starting to create some real havoc overseas, not as much locally, but in places like California with lots of Asians eating rice, it is a problem at places like Costco.

There will be several more films Saturday.  I reached out to my Filipino neighbors across the street, the grandma is going to come tommorow.  I also dropped off some of the yummy (so I’m told), Bistek and Chicken Adobo food.

There was some serious organizing going on this evening, with a good intergenerational crowd.  Some of the youth got organized through a Tagalog language class taught at Portland State last year, that was awesome to learn about.  There were elders that Aimee organzied.  I met several folks from a new group that I want to get more involved with – YEPOC – young environmental professionals of color activists.  It is gathering up some of the old Portland EJAG (environmental justice action group) friends that I used to be active with before I went to Harvard.


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