Travel to the Philippines by the Numbers


We’re making our last major family trip to the Philippines for the foreseeable future given the high cost of travel.  It will be a big reunion for all of us after spending last year there, me as a student minister with the UU Church of the Philippines.  I did go back in February briefly, and was impressed to see the growing numbers of the Metro Manila/Quezon City UU group that I helped ground, and the urban poor fellowship of Bicutan.

Here are some of the numbers that we’ve  been pondering in preparation for the trip:

  • 1 new baby, born April 9.
  • 5 business days needed to receive new passport.
  • $180 dollars needed to expedite and express ship the new passport.
  • 4 round-trip plane tickets, 2-stop, using the last of my 240,000 United Airline miles.
  • 10% of full fare plus taxes for the infant seat – roughly $400.
  • 12 bags allowed, 2 per fare passenger, 3 for me as I’m a United Premier 1K, and 1 for the infant.
  • 840lb of luggage allowed, including 50lb promised to UU Philippines for books, 10lb for rice to a family friend, and several hundred pounds of gifts.
  • 10% Value-Added Tax potentially applied to all imported gifts.
  • 1 used electronic per returning Filipino citizen allowed (we’re planning to bring an LCD TV).
  • 2 in-country trips planned, to Dumaguete and Bohol.

One response to “Travel to the Philippines by the Numbers

  1. Wow; that sounds like QUITE the excursion! And with children, no less. I hope I get to see the new baby and Aimee before you all head out. I didn’t see the invite to the party last Saturday until Michael showed it to me an hour after it had started. Unfortunately, I had an editing class that afternoon and didn’t have time to get to your place beforehand.

    That is a LOT of miles. I was looking at the price of fares to different places around the world from Portland, and was just appalled. With few exceptions, things look very pricey.

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