Congregational Vote on Gay Pride


My home congregation, West Hills UU Fellowship, which has a history of difficult decision-making around social justice issues, voted last month to formally participate in the upcoming Gay Pride Portland.  I’m really excited!  I’ve marched for a decade with various groups, sometimes UU’s, but never in my memory with an official banner from my home church. 

On a historical note, 20 years ago WHUUF (as we’re fondly referred to,
like the dog’s bark), took a vote to become a Nuclear Free Zone.  The
outcome was in favor, but with a high price as a dozen or more families
left and joined the emerging congregation of Washington County in
Hillsboro.  For years the Free Zone Dove hung in the lobby.  The sign
is gone now.



2 responses to “Congregational Vote on Gay Pride

  1. What does it mean to be a Nuclear Free Zone?

  2. A mostly symbolic move by many groups, including churches, that stated that no nuclear materials would be permitted on the premises.

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