Hella Diverse Seder

We attended a Jewish Seder for the second year in a row with a progressive Jewish friend here in Portland.  He made his own Haggadah, as many do.  We were a dozen, from a dozen different racial backgrounds.  It was a long and beautiful Seder, with some amazing passages pulled together for the ritual.  Wine as a part of the experience was clearly affected the mood. 

One of the culturally Jewish guys there, who grew up practicing a Conservative Seder, commented on how engaged everyone was.  How it wasn’t about waiting to be done.  He mentioned how he has a classic photo of his father, at a Seder, looking at his watch.

We left full, of both vegetarian and chicken matza ball soup.  We left enriched by the connecting, and reflection on liberation.  I don’t have a copy of the Haggadah to share (yet), but there is another wonderful Haggadah called "Love and Justice" in times of war by Dara Silverman and Micah Bazant.  Dara has been a keynote speaker at UU Young Adult conferences in the past, and is connected with a fellow radical Jewish UU who served the Continental UU Young Adult network for many years.


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