Local Election Picks

May 20th Oregon Primary Picks:

Mayor of Portland: Businessman Sho Dozono, who has been a long time supporter of common causes, and who we hosted a neighborhood house party for.  I have seen Sam Adams twice, and he is impressing me.

City Commissioner 1: Nurse Amanda Fritz, who impressed me when we connected through the League of Women Voters.  I explored John Branam’s campaign, but didn’t really get anything positive.

City Commissioner 2: Lawyer Nick Fish over Jim Middaugh.

Multnomah County Commission: Not certain.  Met Rob Milesnick who was on the Northeast Neighborhood Coalition Board when I was hired, but never really connected with him.  Former State Rep and Gen X activsit Deborah Kafoury is always a safe bet.

US President: Barack Obama.

US Senate: Steve Novick over Jeff Merkley.  They both have great credentials.  Obviously Novick is not the politician, something that generally appeals to me.  Novick would just be out there on issues that I love more, and more effectively.  We need more wit in the US Government!

OR Sec of State: I read recently that Vicky Walker is the "outsider" candidate.  Still, I like Kate Brown, who I interned for in 1993 when she was in the OR House.

OR Attorney General: Lewis and Clark law professor John Kroger.   I originally gave money to State Rep Greg MacPherson.  I have changed my opinion, in part after hearing him support "no change" in Measure 11 (awful crime measure that has bankrupted our civic and social services). 

4 responses to “Local Election Picks

  1. You have confused the AG candidates positions on Measure 11…

    From the Oregonian yesterday:

    Kroger and Macpherson also are divided by Measure 11, the 1994 ballot initiative that set mandatory minimum sentences for violent crimes. Since Measure 11 went into effect, violent crime in Oregon has dropped substantially, but the big growth in the prison budget has taken money that otherwise could have been spent on education and health care.

    Kroger opposes changing Measure 11 sentences, saying minimum sentences for serious violent crimes are appropriate.

    Macpherson wants to look at reducing sentences of lesser violent crimes, such as second-degree assault. Most prosecutors oppose changing Measure 11.

    “I told them that Measure 11 needs to evolve,” Macpherson said.

  2. Thats interesting, I also read that Kroger was advocating for changing and repealing parts of Measure 11. Thanks for the insight Ben!

  3. The problem with Measure 11 is that non serious crimes that involve no violence fall under it. One also doesn’t need to be a legal adult to be charged with or convicted of a Measure 11 crime – 15 years old and up is the age range to which it is applied. It’s pretty pathetic. But clarifying who is against change and who is for changes to Measure 11 seems to be the tricky part.

  4. I think Sam Adams is politically very impressive, but I like Sho because he’s been there for Basic Rights Oregon and other causes close to my heart when the political stakes were non-existant for him. He’s also not going to be another Potter. Not in my view. I think Sam is taking the GLBT vote for granted.

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