Two UU’s on Jeremiah Wright

A number of excellent sermons are developing around the experience of Rev. Jeremiah Wright whose 30+ year ministry in our world has become reduced to a 30 second negative sound bite.

Rev. Marlin Lavanhar, who I met in 1995 and has been a great colleague and mentor around anti-racism and young adult ministry, gave a sermon entitled "Why Jeremiah is Wright".

Rev. Ian Maher, who I met shortly after when he was starting seminary at Harvard, through a UUA activist, gave this one entitled "Remaining Awake".

2 responses to “Two UU’s on Jeremiah Wright

  1. Walter Mattingly

    Until I saw Rev. Wright on Bill Moyer’s show Sunday night, I was among those who were unaware of the full context of Rev. Wright’s quotes spread by the media. I should have known better and I should not have been surprised. Thanks for posting these excellent sermons!

  2. Joseph Santos-Lyons

    Hey you are welcome Walter, and nice to hear from you. Yeah, the soundbites were really nasty.

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