GA ID Checks Footnote

In many circles I’m a part of (POC, Ministers, Lefty Anarcho Syndicalists) within the Unitarian Universalist world, General Assembly is getting a full wrap up discussion.  On the subject of ID Checks at GA, required due to the Ft Lauderdale Convention Center being within a Homeland Security Zone…folks are reporting varied experiences from the easy “they didn’t even check my ID”, to “they were waiting to take me away.”  It seems a lot of folks appreciated the GA Chaplain Presence at the Security Gate (now risen to a UU Historical Event – aka, ‘were you there at the Gates?’ will be heard at future meetings I’m certain).  Many folks did also comment on feeling a bit humiliated, frustrated, and at times scared with the constant government surveillance of our little religious gathering.

Footnote: Interestingly, I learned that the great State of Vermont, which we have a special kinship with as Oregonians, still permits State ID without Photo in circulation.  Some of the Homeland Security Agents had an issue with that.


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