A Great Legacy of Rev. Sewall

In Portland, OR, Rev. Marilyn Sewall has led First Unitarian Church into the upper echelon of UU congregations.  They are, or have been, the largest UU congregation.  They have nurtured a social justice ministry, led heavily by now Rev. Kate Lore, that has spread the UU gospel across the Tri County region.

One of her particular emphases has been upon economic justice.  In sermons, in action.  The participation of First Church in the Seattle WTO protests in 1999 garnered popular attention, and some criticism.

This week, First Church played host to a wonderful event, a speaking engagement of Chuck Collins (a UU and founder of United for a Fair Economy – the folks who brought us the Racial Wealth Divide curriculum) and Barbara Ehrenrich (Nickeled and Dimed).  Their new project is the Working Group on Extreme Inequity.  Chuck Sheketoff, uber-analyst on economic and social affairs in Oregon, wrote a nice piece for Blue Oregon.

Thanks Rev. Sewall and First Unitarian.


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