…and their Cultures (1st Principle)

I admit I have not been paying close attention to the recent UU Commission on Appraisal report establishing the first comprehensive point of discussion around revising our Principles and Purposes.  Note:  I just found myself unsure of whether to title these as our “religious”, “associational”, or “faith” principles and purposes.  Hmm…probably associational, but that sounds weird.

Anyway, I generally keep up with UUA politics now through Scott Wells’ blog.  He highlighted some commentary about cultural appropriation.  My thought, which with the power of instant blogging is this.

When I was active in UUA racial justice work…when there was collective and accountable racial justice work with respect to strategy, development and evaluation…we sometimes analyzed how the first principle is often used to bludgeon people with individualism, but is also a powerful social justice reminder.  Someone said, “I always read the first principle, and add …and their Cultures.”  Respecting the Inherent Worth and Dignity of Every Person, and their Cultures.  Its that latter piece that seems to coalesce our social justice activism, when we have a deeper, more mature sense of the worth and dignity for their culture.  At least around racial justice.  Not sure if this plays true for gender, sexual orientation, or physical ability equal access initiatives of the UUA that have been oh so successful.

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