Baby Brain and Preaching

I gave my first of 3 sermons yesterday at my home church of West Hills.  I remarked afterwards that I probably should be taking a break, our littlest baby-3 is now 6 months, still doesn’t sleep through the night, and whew, my brain is pretty mushy.  

I will be preaching at Don Heights in Toronto next week, then in Hood River Oregon.  And I’m writing original sermons for each.  I actually can’t quite bring myself to use the same text twice.  It always gets changed pretty substantially when I sit down to prepare.  

I am not yet an extemporaneous preacher, although I tried that when I was younger.  I remember watching Rev. Stephen Kendrick and loving his ability to do that.  Perhaps we’ll see his son do the same thing (don’t know if he is in seminary, but he was an ambitious youngster in YRUU with leadership).

It is amazing what months and months of sleep deprivation will do.  I actually used to take naps, but now that I am going back to work after a good amount of time off, well, naps just are not in the cards.  I did once lay down on my office floor for 30 minutes of shut eye, no pillow though, and it was hard.


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