Where to be on Election Night

1992 was the first year I remember gathering to watch election returns.  I was already in college at the University of Oregon, and was mesmorized that a Democrat could actually win the White House.  Clinton came to campus once, and even played his sax.  I remember gathering with a whole bunch of friends for beers.

1996 I was in Colorado doing political work, and so the place to be was at the Democratic Party at a downtown hotel.  I remember bumping into a few UO grads who were out there campaigning as well!

2000 and 2004 were nights to watch from the road or in graduate school.  2000 was the most disturbing with the whole Republican machine in action. By 2004, our kids were in the picture.  This year, 2008, 3 kids, I’ll be on fivethirtyeight.com and watching the news!

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