Third Time Is a Charm? – Ministers of Color Meet in Atlanta

For the third consecutive year, the UUA through the Identity Based Ministries Staff Group is hosting a gathering of Religious Professionals of Color. Specifically fellowshipped ministers, seminarians who have reached candidate status, and DRE’s. Over the last three years, about 40 folks have participated each year, but probably around 60 total have come at least once.

I’m heading out tomorrow to join colleagues from across the country for a weekend of reflection and spiritual work. The space has not been utilized yet for strategic long-term organizing as a community, but there is a good level of relationship building and information gathering that is helpful to that purpose. This gathering returns full circle to the gatherings that happened in the mid-1990’s that resulted in the formation of DRUUMM, the UU People of Color organization in 1998. When I was convening an informal (and now formal) network of UU Seminarians of Color, we consistently advocated for this gathering to be re-established. It is exciting to see the ongoing commitment and facilitation by the UUA, particularly Rev. Sofia Betancourt. Hopefully Third Time is a Charm, and regardless of the UUA Presidential Election.


One response to “Third Time Is a Charm? – Ministers of Color Meet in Atlanta

  1. Good luck with it. As a UU of color I have to admit I’m pretty skeptical of any real UU action concerning race in the forseeable future.

    It just seems to me that too many UU’s think passive agressive racism is a “valid voice” that must be heard, cherished and listened to. A review of the flawed mirror of the bloggosphere reveals that there are more “anti-anti-racists” out there than there are truly liberal folk.

    Forgive the provocative statement, but there are times I wonder if being a black UU is akin to being a black Mormon: they accept you, say they want you, but want to reserve their right to want to exclude you.

    I AM NOT saying there are not liberal voices out there, I’m just amazed by how many UU’s actively do not want to seek or be told to reach out to persons of color generally and African Americans in particular.

    In any event, good luck. Hey, maybe you guys could discuss the idea that maybe our churches would do better to promote the story of Viola Liuzzo over Thoreau. In these times of Prop 8, and the uglyness that came out concerning the competition of white women versus black men, Viola’s story is the definition of what it truly means to be a UU.

    Her story should have been told in every UU church during the primary and today.

    Again, good luck.

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