Build a Columbia Smart Bridge!

There has been an ongoing policy advocacy struggle in the Portland-Vancouver metro area over replacing the aging Interstate Bridge that crosses the Columbia River. I’m a resident who lives blocks from both the Interstate Freeway, and a mile from the river. The current plans are terrible, calling for an expansion to a 12 lane freeway, without quality mass-transit and other congestion tools.

A colleague at the Coalition for the Livable Future shared this Letter to the Editor:

Anna Griffin’s Saturday column dismisses the thousands of hours that citizens have dedicated to thoughtfully shaping the Columbia River Crossing by likening their work to keying a Hummer. Car keying is vandalism. Healthy civic debate is democracy.

“Try leaving a Prius brochure on the window instead” concludes Griffin. Many of us have been doing this very thing for over four years. Coalition for a Livable Future is calling for a Climate Smart CRC, one that will stabilize the amount we drive at or below today’s levels so that we can avoid consequences from global warming pollution. Smarter Bridge, a group of concerned citizens, has proposed another idea. Both are suggesting that we fix the problems in the crossing, while also recognizing that every investment we make with our limited resources must prepare us for a sustainable future. Unfortunately, no matter how you spin it, a twelve lane CRC is not a healthy choice for our region.

Jill Fuglister
Coalition for a Livable Future
107 SE Washington, Ste. 239
Portland, OR 97214
Voice: 503-294-2889
Fax: 503-225-0333
Are you a CLF member? Join now and help connect people, organizations and issues for a sustainable and healthy Portland-Vancouver region.


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