Congratulations to New UUA President

Tonight at 8pm Mountain Time, the Secretary of the Association Paul Richter will announce the new UUA President. The era of Bill Sinkford is officially over.

Laurel Hallman is the clear front runner, and it will be little surprise if she wins tonight with 55% of the vote. She has the money and the endorsements, much of it lined up well before officially declaring, scaring away other potential candidates. Laurel is the status quo candidate, and in our small “family-style” faith, has the bulk of major rich, leaders of influence and access, and UUA support. Key money and organizational people behind at least the last 3 UUA Presidents, are behind Dr. Hallman. She’ll be a fine president.

A Rev. Morales victory will deeply and gently unsettle the traditional powers of the UUA. With fewer endorsements and resources, Morales has benefited from a crisp vision. It will be the biggest upset and most significant change institutionally should he win the UUA Presidency.

I look forward to congratulating the new leader of our association, and also reading the financial disclosure report! More on that later.


5 responses to “Congratulations to New UUA President

  1. Any thoughts about my suggestion that Rev. Peter Morales could be, even *should* be, appointed as the Executive Vice President of the UUA if he is “runner up” in this UUA presidential election?

  2. Thanks for posting that comment Joseph. I *really* would be interested in hearing (well actually reading) your thoughts about that suggestion.

  3. Congratulations go to your candidate Rev. Peter Morales and those who supported his bid for the Presidency of the UUA Joseph.

    UUA President-elect Peter Morales won the UUA presidency decisively with 59 percent of all votes. He won 55 percent of the absentee vote (1,020 to 827) and 61 percent of the on-site vote (1,041 to 654). His margin of victory is 580 votes.

  4. Oh well I guess you need not respond to my second comment now Joseph. What about the possibility of Rev. Dr. Laurel Hallman replacing Rev. Kathleen Montgomery as UUA Executive Vice President? 😉

  5. I just couldn’t resist creating this commemorative poster of Rev. Pedro Morales’ UUA Presidential election victory. If you can provide a better translation of “The President Of *The* Tiny Declining Fringe Religion” I will happily create a corrected version, but this one looks more or less OK. Needless to say I am counting on Rev. Morales having a healthy sense of humor.

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