Blogging Again in 2010

It rhymes!   “blogging again in twenty-ten“.  After some consideration, great poetry performances at New Portland’s Colored Pencils, several nice sermons, and a year settled in my new community organizing, it feels like the right time to start blogging again.  We’ll be in the Philippines soon, a great place to spa and reflect on the calling, the work, and the future.

I went from typepad ($$$) to wordpress (free!), although I think I lost like 3 years of posts.  Ahh well, why save stuff, seems like Google has a program for that, or Apple has an app for it.  Eventually.  So stay tuned, for the 10 of you left who actually check this old blog!

One response to “Blogging Again in 2010

  1. When are you going to the Phillippines?!

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