Morman Fairness

Media outlets are abuzz over the announcement that the Morman Church supports anti-discrimination measures inclusive of gay, lesbian communities.

“It’s the most progressive and inclusive statement that the church has made on these issues,” said Will Carlson, the manager of public policy at Equality Utah, the state’s largest gay rights group. “What they’ve said here is huge, in protecting residents in other municipalities, and statewide.”

NY Times November 11, 2009

I grew up in a primarily Morman neighborhood in Portland OR.  The other Morman children were very friendly, loved pie, and I enjoyed the boy scouts and other dances the local “ward” hosted.  They were often some of the nicest people I met.  By high school it was evident however that “Mormans First” was their mantra, prejudiced against inter-racial, even inter-religious dating from my personal experience.

One response to “Morman Fairness

  1. I’m not feeling all that charitable in my analysis of this.

    Prop 8–major Mormon funding and effort.
    Prop 1–major Mormon funding and effort (much more work at trying to disguise that, this time).

    Now this.

    I see it as a sacrifice move. Accept the right of GBLT folk to at least exist, occupy space, breathe, have someplace to live and the right to eat, maybe… in SLC… and PR the living hell out of the warm fuzzy Mormon action.

    Pay no attention to the recent evil that was committed in Maine.

    Looks like an effort to whitewash their public black eyes, to me.

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