UUA.org Could Organize More

During the UUA Presidency of Bill Sinkford, it seemed each year there were more and more “Statements from the President” that were circulated by email and posted on the website.  It definitely made the UUA President a much higher profile position, although maybe it was just that I started paying attention more and that the internet era was upon us.  It takes time to craft each of these statements, sometimes pastoral messages.

I’d love to see UUA.org develop more of a presence and pulpit for local ministers and lay leaders, after all, this is our UUA isn’t it?  And it would be a great way to formally build stronger associational relationships, and for UUA staff to be more connected to what is going on locally.  I’m not meaning to pan UUA.org or the staff, but it does feel like I get 90% messages from the President.  One approach could be promoting “joint statements”.  In these ways we can introduce ourselves to those who are doing the work at the grassroots.

This comes out of my philosophy that the power of the UUA should be used to strengthen our association, through the building of networks, leadership development, and contribute to social justice.  I get frustrated by the heavy PR, opaque decision-making, and reluctance to authentically engage stakeholders at the grassroots level.


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