New IRCO Family Center

irco-logoIRCO has officially launched a new $1.3 million dollar capital campaign for the IRCO Family Center.  Executive Director Sokhom Tauch and the Board of Directors have unveiled the campaign to staff and community through a series of events (including a great spring roll luncheon) and press releases.  While the building location has yet to be determined, the vision is to incorporate the Asian Family Center, Africa House, and Parent and Child services into a comprehensive campus that would likely rival the main IRCO Building on 103rd and NE Glisan.  This is welcome news for the staff at the fast growing social service agency, and will continue to strengthen IRCO’s reputation as an effective non-profit agency.

You can learn more about my community ministry/civic engagement work at the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO) here.


One response to “New IRCO Family Center

  1. Here is a tool that immigrants with the help of IRCO Services could offer in Parenting Education to help young children learn and their parents teach pre-k readiness skills. It is a great concept builder. (I will be glad to send you sample pages of the calendar.)

    Nancy Chupp, 1706 Mountain Drive, Sevierville, TN 37876, 865-429-2627,, February 4, 2010

    Dear IRCO Services Pre-K Parenting Help:

    As a former teacher, I continue to be very concerned with the educational start of young children. About a year ago, I had a practical

    moment_eureka a calendar! I developed this program to equip the caregiver/parent with a way to impart needed skills to their child. I

    Knew primarily it had to be easy/convenient to use. Most parents are working today I knew that all teaching/learning experiences needed to take place during normal household routines (laundry, household chores, fixing dinner, or going to the grocery store.) Each calendar gives the parent 2 or 3 simple daily exercises (10-15 minute total). The vocabulary and skills needed for a successful start in kindergarten are sprinkled in and repeated several times throughout the calendar year. I am giving the parent a very simple and easy tutorial. They are learning how to teach needed skills and the child is internalizing necessary skills for a good start in school. I addressed skills via experiences with the child’s senses of sight, sound, and touch. The calendar also introduces food groups and incorporates daily exercise. Public domain nursery rhymes and songs are throughout the calendar to add fun and whimsy to the lessons. I am sending my skills calendar to you because I know you are committed to helping young children and their parents. I am in hopes that adding this skills calendar to your pre-k program will enhance a child’s educational start.

    If you have questions, please call me at 865-429-2627 or email me at The calendar is sold as a wholesale item at $5.00/calendar and there is a minimum order of 64.

    Thank you for your consideration.


    Nancy Chupp

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