Great Blogs of Color and Politics

My regular favories:

  • Blue Oregon run in part by an old high school amigo Kari Chisolm has fun, interesting up-to-date information about progressive democratic issues and candidates.  I particularly appreciated their reporting and analysis of the selection processes to replace State Representatives and State Senators by Precinct Committee Persons (as I am for 2086).
  • Colors of Influence written and edited by Maileen Hamto who I’ve had the privilege of meeting through APANO (Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon).  I pledge some of my hard earned non-profit wages to through a donation subscription.  Maileen has interviewed a great cross section of movers and shakers within communities of color in Oregon, and her website is an excellent resource to any community organizer like me.
  • Race Wire is a project of the Applied Research Center (Hi Rinku Sen and Gary Delgado) and does an excellent job of breaking down the issues and analyzing from the perspective of those most impacted by social injustice and disparities.  I also appreciate the growing use of short video PSA’s, and always love to hear my fellow activists putting some sense out there to the broader world.
  • Western States Center, which is of course where my loving partner works, but is also developing some original content and essays on their “Blog and Discussion” page that I find very interesting.  Immigration and GLBT issues?  People of Color and Feminism?  Their work is often at the intersections of identity and social justice issues.

One response to “Great Blogs of Color and Politics

  1. Small world — my sister went to USC with Kari. 🙂

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