Police Related Racial Incidents

The more I’ve been back in the community, engaged in multiracial organizing and leadership development, the more I hear and experience the violent and racialized encounters with police, not just in Portland, but Eugene, Corvallis, Salem, and beyond.  It one of the hard realities of white supremacy on people of color – the violence and control that breeds an environment of low-intensity conflict, hurt and suffering.  Some of it is clearly a crisis response to criminal behavior.  Yet when one does a full accounting over any period of time, race is ultimately a deciding factor.  (kudos to Maxine Bernstein who is doing excellent reporting from the Oregonian)

  • The deep tragedy of an elder brother shot in the back by police, dead, unarmed, in the midst of emotional distress over the death earlier in the day of his younger brother [funeral note].  While his criminal background may justify unwanted police attention and aggression, the facts as they’ve been reported appear to point again to a combination of poor police training, a need for better competency in cross-cultural crisis management, and protocols that don’t let a bleeding victim of a police gunshot to be left on the road for 23 minutes.
  • PCC Women’s Basketball player was essentially assaulted by police around the corner from our house.
  • Eugene police tasered a  University of Oregon student, recently arrived from China, in his bedroom, in his apartment.  [APANO response]  [good summary from local API activist]

2 responses to “Police Related Racial Incidents

  1. The thing is, I want to like the cops — I do know cops who are in the work for the right reasons, they really want to help society, etc. etc. — but yes, cops in the aggregate are problematic, esp. from a racial point of view. And of course I want to acknowledge that there are individual cops who are hopelessly racist. But the really sad thing for me is how systemic racism can warp people who actually want to do the right thing.

  2. Nice Article very informative & usefull for me thanks…


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