Creating a Tool for Progressive Activists

I’ve been mulling over how to create a website for Oregon progressive activists to track legislation and elections at the state level.  Blue Oregon is a great resource for highlighting current developments, but doesn’t aggregate news and analysis in much detail for all 90+ state races and numerous state house and senate bills introduced each biennium and special session.

Perhaps a website like this would be too much to manage, and be of little interest to most folks.  I’d imagine though that progressive c3 and c4 organizations, particularly the smaller ones, would benefit from up-to-date information on who is running in what elections, and the progress of legislation, and a way to share progressive analysis and opinion.  I’m thinking some combination of an auto-Google News by House and Senate District (thats 90 races), and some way to spreadsheet legislation and have a custom column for endorsements and the progressive word on the street.

Has anyone heard of anything like this out there?


One response to “Creating a Tool for Progressive Activists

  1. I’d start with Yahoo Pipes — — for the aggregation.

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