UU Solidarity with Arizona

I’m renaming my blog UU Solidarity with Arizona in an effort to bring attention to the harms SB 1070 is perpetuating upon the people of Arizona and the Unitarian Universalist response.  The racism, profiling, and xenophobic anti-immigrant principles guiding Arizona’s public policy is the wrong direction for our country, and the wrong direction for Unitarian Universalism to endorse.  Honestly I’m equal parts pit-of-my-stomach angry, scared for my family, and anxious about what this justice issue means for my Unitarian Universalist faith.


3 responses to “UU Solidarity with Arizona

  1. Thank you for standing with us Arizona UU’s!

  2. Dear Rev. Joseph;

    This statement could be read as implying that UUism had endorsed this policy. Our president, Rev. Peter Morales, speaking for the UUA has repeatedly denounced SB1070 and called for comprehensive immigration reform. Rev. Morales was with us at the National Day of Action Against SB1070 on May 29th.

    As far as I understand it, UUs are generally opposed to this legislation and continually fight for justice in Arizona and elsewhere.

    We welcome all in our fight for human rights – here in Arizona, and the world over. Please feel free to contact us at VUU in Chandler to find out the latest action being taken against SB1070.

  3. Our UU church does not endorse this legislation. If it did, I would find another church.

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