Boycott Arizona GA Say Asian Pacific UU’s

“It is one thing to stand on the side of love when it doesn’t cost anything.  It is a real test when it does.”
— Karen Narasaki, President and Executive Director – Asian American Justice Center

A/PIC (Asian/Pacific Islander Caucus), a caucus of DRUUMM (Diverse and Revolutionary Unitarian Universalist Multicultural Ministries) supports the stance to boycott Arizona and move our UUA General Assembly 2012.   These are not easy decisions and we have had many discussions within our steering committee, membership, and general
lists on this topic.  The elements that most influenced our decision included:
1)      Supporting LUUNA and their wish that the UUA boycott Arizona;
2)      Affirming the position of our parent organization, DRUUMM, in favor of the boycott;
3)      Concern from and for People of Color who do not feel safe traveling in Arizona while this law is active;
4)      Standing in solidarity with immigrant advocacy organizations in Arizona who have called for boycott.

We will continue the discussion and invite everyone to participate in this discussion in three ways:
1)      Add your comments to the DRUUMM conversation site
2)      Send an email to
3)      For more private consideration, send an email to

The A/PIC steering committee will continue to monitor these channels as well as participate in the discussion during our GA in Minneapolis.

In faith,

A/PIC Steering Committee

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