5 Ministers of Color

I was struck by the MFC report which noted that “5 Ministers of Color were either moved to inactive status or removed from fellowship by inactivity or by their request.” [April MFC Report to Board]  I don’t doubt the MFC is following protocol and really have no quarrel here.  But it is a significant number given the 60 or so active UU ministers of color that I tracked in 2006.  That would be about 12%.

Great to see DRUUMM member and soon-to-be Rev…Jacqueline Duhart will be student liaison to MFC.  Great to see the MFC has so many POC on their review board, really amazing given where the MFC was when I first started paying attention back in 1997.  Lastly, it was a little sad to read about a candidate “losing it”, and that this was reported so widely to the Board.  Well and now I’m posting it on my blog.  Hmm…


One response to “5 Ministers of Color

  1. It’s an odd formulation, because I think of inactive status — I’m in that boat — certainly feels different than losing fellowship. More of a reality of the poor settlement market. So I wonder how many of which it is.

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