Push to Keep GA in Arizona

I continue to oppose having the regular general business of the UUA in Phoenix.  I strongly support re-investing the $600,000 in minimum reservation fees for the 2012 to be directed to a UUA response to SB 1070.  I wonder if we are trying to be cheap by insisting we can “do it all” by having GA and public witness?  Do we undermine the larger movement by making these rationalizations but really what we’re concerned about is money?

Lots of discussions are being generated by UUA President Peter Morales issuing a call for GA continue to be held in Phoenix in 2012.  Check out this discussion thread by Rev. Michael Tino.


One response to “Push to Keep GA in Arizona

  1. I’m just wondering if you recognize that we are in a recession. And that asking members of congregations to pledge even more money, could result in the middle and working class members of our congregations feeling like they are being asked to forgo their needs to so the UUA can protest. Furthermore, if the UUA doesn’t raise the money then will they have to cut even more staff? Raise registration rates for future General Assemblies?

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