Yo! UU LGBT Inspire Me

Surprised that no, zip, zero Unitarian Universalist ministers were profiled in the recent Huffington Post Inspiring LGBT Religious Leaders article??  I remember when Rev. Meg Riley and youth leaders were leading dialogues among UU youth in the late 80’s and early 90’s that were oh so difficult, challenging, and transforming for me and many others.

A decade later when I was at Harvard Divinity School and helping organize an international network of UU Seminarians of Color, we noted that over 40% of our members identified as LGBTQ.  Rev. Meg Riley is still preaching the good word as Senior Minister of the Church of the Larger Fellowship, an amazing international congregation based in Boston with a worldwide ministry.  Here she is speaking out about against the marriage ban in Minnesota, At the Dentist: Fighting the Marriage Ban.

(hat tip to the UU movement building network Standing on the Side of Love)


One response to “Yo! UU LGBT Inspire Me

  1. Hey Joseph, thanks for the shout! Amazing how long we have known one another, isn’t it? You’re older now than I was when we met, twenty some years ago!

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