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Oregon Health Equity Alliance 2015 Kickoff

Check out these great photos from Darlene Huntress of Oregon Action from the Oregon Health Equity Alliance (OHEA) Legislative Kickoff this week.  They are beautiful!

Really proud of our growing alliance for communities of color, immigrants and refugees fighting for a better Oregon. These photos kickoff our story for the next year for health equity, strong families and racial justice.

Our work is becoming increasingly organized, with great trust, discipline and care for each other’s work. As we continue to raise and share resources equitably, we expand our capacity to win on issues that affect our communities.

Another word for this level of discipline is militant! While perhaps loaded for some, it has important meaning in our work to confront generations of inequities and is key to achieving lasting change.


Saltwater Ax

Saltwater and bits of seaweed stick to my glasses
Close up an ax is raised over a barnacled rock
You can hear the rapid babel of Chinese and feel the Old Men across the jetty look up at the back of your head
A crack rings out, everyone relaxes, senses go calm
Another delicacy of the sea is gathered while youngsters strut across the beach
The fog horn rings out protecting this place
Where land and rock and sea and sky meet